JustSo - proud to be different - proud to be good - proud to be JustSo

JustSo is a new breed of service company.We're fast, efficient, innovative and there for you. We're not afraid to operate across the whole spectrum from volunteer work and in individuals' homes, through to small business and up to multi-national corporations.

JustSo has slowly evolved. We began life as a small computer support and management consultancy in Cumbria back in May 1993. From those simple beginnings we have evolved and developed - we expanded our consultancy work into more specific project management - we refined our combined consultancy and project management into programme office and methodologies - we managed some major programmes and left our mark in the form of offices all over the country.

JustSo remains at the cutting edge in terms of technology and services, despite the downturn in IT services, which has taken its toll accross the industry. Besides looking inward, JustSo always thinks outside of the box. We realised that enjoying what we did was equally important. We therefore used our wealth of experience of contract, project and third party management, together with our already efficient and comprehensive systems and methodologies as a base for a new kind of service company. We sought to identify our qualifications and experiences outside IT. In considering how we could further develop, we looked to friends, colleagues and customers to find expertise in other areas. Finally, we revisited everyone looking for their recommendations of providers of other services.

JustSo is armed with a comprehensive range of services and the means of managing them. We have relaunched and now believe there is very little we cannot achieve, particularly in our chosen specialisation areas of the home and small to medium enterprises.

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